Using markdown

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Articles are written in markdown (kramdown).
Please use minimal formatting for your article.

This is a single paragraph. It is separated by newlines. No need for html tags. A single line break does not start a new paragraph.

This is a second paragraph. You can place subsections as follows.

Using maths

You can use math as you would in latex, except that we always use double dollar signs, even for inline equation. Let \(n>2\) be an integer. Consider the equation:

\[a^n + b^n = c^n\]

Wiles proved the following theorem.

Theorem (Fermat’s Last Theorem). The above equation has no solution in the positive integers.

You can place a link like this.

You place a picture similarly:


Emphasis and boldface

Use this for emphasis and this for boldface.

You’re all set.

There really isn’t more you need to know.